Forget Slots: Here’s what Other Countries are playing

baccaratIf you live in the United States or Australia, it’s easy to think that slots are always the most-popular casino games around the world. However, the truth is that some countries like to play non-slots games, or at least variations of them. That said, let’s look at what certain countries love playing besides slots.


While Canadians also enjoy slots, especially since they’re located just north of the U.S., they really love video lottery terminals (VLTs). While a VLT is machine-based just like slots, it differs in that you insert money and hope to receive a winning scratch-off ticket. So like the name implies, this is a combination of the lottery and machine gaming.

China (Macau)

Chinese people and others in surrounding Asian countries don’t hang around the machines much. That’s because the Chinese love playing baccarat and have developed a wide range of superstitions to bring them good luck. This is really prevalent in Macau, where baccarat dominates around 80% of the gaming floor in some casinos. So if you want the ultimate baccarat experience, head to Macau!


Despite recent attempts to change laws, casino gaming is still illegal in Japan. However, pachinko parlors have gotten around this rule by having arcades where people can win “balls,” then exchange them for prizes outside the parlor. As for pachinko, this game is a cross between slots and pinball since you shoot a ball into the field of play; here it can land in various spots, including one or more that start a slot reel.


Much like Japan, the UK enjoys a slot variant called fruit machines. Actually, these are just like slots, aside from a couple of notable exceptions. You can earn the right to “hold” and “nudge” reels and improve your chances of winning. Holding means you keep the reels in place while trying to turn a losing spin into a winning one, while nudging the reels slightly moves the reels and allows you to collect a bigger payout.