Slots Supervisor Arrested for Rigging Slot Machines

A story has broke on a slots supervisor arrested for rigging slot machines. The supervisor was caught cheating games at the Silver Slipper Casino in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.

Geavoni Reese, 28, is accused of making at least $36,000 from embezzling money via the phony slots jackpots. Keep reading to find out more on this crooked casino employee.

How Did Reese Rig the Slot Machine Jackpots?

One of Reese’s duties was to talk with players at Silver Slipper Casino about issues with slots. Afterward, she would determine if the complaints were valid and determine how much players were owed from jackpot malfunctions.

Reese was entrusted with quite a bit of power in determining how much gamblers should be paid. She abused this authority, though, and created fake hand-pay jackpots when the games malfunctioned. The 28-year-old then pocketed this money.

Slots Supervisor Arrested – Silver Slipper Wants Its Money

Not surprisingly, Reese has been arrested for creating the false hand-pay jackpots and paying herself. Her old employer now wants the stolen $36k back.

However, Reese doesn’t have the money, because she spent it already. The Silver Slipper has launched a civil suit as a result to recoup their money.

“Silver Slipper takes theft seriously,” said casino attorney John Lassiter, “which is why we are cooperating fully with the government’s investigation. “[We] have filed a concurrent civil action against those we believe are responsible for perpetrating this fraud.”

Others Were Possibly Involved in This Crime

Reese isn’t the only person who has been named in the civil suit. The casino’s court papers also mention five “unknown persons” who are labeled as “John Does 1-5.”

They’re believed to have aided Reese in ripping off the casino. But Reese is still thought to be the mastermind and person who’s holding all of the money.

Reese’s defense is that another employee led the caper and has the money. However, she’s currently bearing the brunt of the blame.