Slots Strategies that Actually work

slots-strategiesThere are a lot of slots tips around the internet that don’t amount to much. Looking for hot games, playing the same game (to win jackpot) and worrying about slot machine placement are a few that come to mind. Luckily, there are also some slots strategies that actually work and can bring you more winnings – or at least preserve your bankroll. This being said, let’s look at a few strategies that will hopefully keep you winning.

1. Search for Good Payback within Same Coin Denomination

Tip no. 1 regarding slots strategy is to look for good slots payback. After all, the better the payback, the better your chances of earning some profits. But you should take this a little deeper and also concentrate on the specific coin denominations you’re playing. For example, one online slots game might offer 96% payback for a dollar game while another offers 94%. So it only makes sense to play the 96% game if you also find it entertaining.

slots-strategies-22. Compare Comp Programs

This is something that you can do at both land-based and online casinos, although the latter makes this process easier. Take a look at how many points/rewards you’re getting for play at prospective casinos and see which one(s) is giving out the most. You might be surprised to find out that a certain casino offers up to 20% or more comps/rewards than the others.

3. Match Hit Frequency up with Your Bankroll

Playing with a small bankroll? Then hit frequency, or how often you’ll win a prize of any value, gains even more importance. To get a rough estimation of hit frequency, look at the number of small payouts being offered. More payouts that are worth 15 coins or less means that you’re more likely to win with a particular slots game. Additionally, a smaller jackpot can indicate that the machine will pay out more often and keep your bankroll going strong.