Basics of Slots Sticky Bonuses

Slots sticky bonuses are among the most-rewarding offers in online gaming. However, they’re also among the most confusing as well.

Some players are disappointed after pursuing a sticky bonus. Why is this the case?

I’m going to answer this question and discuss why slots sticky bonuses are a bit confounding. But first, I’ll discuss how these offers work.

A Bonus that Can’t Be Withdrawn

When you see deposit bonuses, you likely envision being able to cash them out. For example, you’d expect to eventually withdraw a $100 bonus.

These are what are known as cashable bonuses. They can be withdrawn once you meet terms and conditions through slots.

Sticky bonuses differ, though, because they can’t be cashed out. They instead “stick” or remain in your account after withdrawing money.

You might wonder about the point of these bonuses. They’re actually only used to generate winnings, which can be withdrawn after satisfying T&Cs.

You may qualify for a $2,000 sticky bonus, for example. But you won’t be able to cash out any of the $2k.

Why Sticky Slots Bonuses can Be Disappointing

Some online slots players don’t read T&Cs behind deposit bonuses. They merely assume that they’ll qualify for whatever amount is being advertised.

These same players are often shocked upon making a withdrawal. This is the point when they finally realize that the actual bonus funds can’t be withdrawn.

Slots sticky bonuses receive a bad name due to this scenario. However, they’re actually not terrible deals.

You can earn a lot of winnings that can later be cashed out. You just need a good string of luck in order to rack up some money.

The next step is to meet the T&Cs so that you can withdraw the funds. In the end, you might end up with far more than a standard bonus.

Long story short, you should always read the terms behind any bonus deal. Doing so prevents you from being disappointed.