Slots Skill Based Bonuses vs. Random Bonuses

Slots bonus rounds have made slot machines more popular than ever. But they could become even more popular thanks to slots skill based bonuses.

Many companies are experimenting with skill-based play in slot machines. Keep reading to see more on how these bonuses work and if you should try such games.

What are Slots Skill Based Bonuses?

As the name implies, a skill-based bonus gives you some degree of control over the results. You can use your abilities to improve your chances of getting wins.

For example, you might enter a first-person-shooter mode in a Wild West slot. Your goal is to shoot bandits and earn credits.

The rest of these types of games play just like any other slot machine. The only difference comes when you trigger the bonus.

How Does This Differ from Standard Slots Bonuses?

A normal slot machine bonus round is completely random. You have no true influence over your long-term odds.

These bonuses might give the illusion of control. For instance, choosing treasure chests seems like it could involve some degree of skill.

However, your choices don’t have any effect on the odds. You’re just picking treasure chests and hoping to get lucky.

Will You Win with Slots Skill Based Bonuses?

One important thing to realize with skill-based slots is that they won’t swing the odds in your favor. This is one of the biggest misconceptions, in that your skill can somehow result in over 100% payback.

The reality is that the bonus only accounts for a small percentage of payback. The vast majority is wrapped up in the random results that occur on the reels.

This isn’t to say that you should avoid skill-based slot machines. They can be quite fun and make games more interactive.

Just don’t go into the situation under the false impression that you’re going to win big profits. These are still mostly random slot machines, after all.