Slots Player Wins $10 Million Jackpot at Fiesta Henderson

A Nevada resident has just won a $10 million jackpot at the Fiesta Henderson Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The lucky player experienced their windfall on the famed Megabucks progressive slots game.

The man, known as Roger, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that he moved from Nevada to Florida a few months ago. Roger was in the midst of enjoying his retirement years when he became entranced by Megabucks slots.

The retiree was coming to the end of his bankroll while playing Megabucks when he hit a $20 prize. He then parlayed this into a few more spins, which eventually turned into the $10 million jackpot.

Roger didn’t Even Realize that He’d Won

One interesting tidbit to this story is that Roger didn’t even realize he’d won, even with the machine lighting up. But a lady noticed the jackpot and approached him with the good news.

The former Florida native still has trouble believing his good fortune. And he thinks that it’ll only sink in when the money is officially in his bank account.

“I think when that happens, I’ll probably pass out,” Roger said.

Keeping a Low Profile

While Roger spoke with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, he still kept a low profile. Roger didn’t offer his last name nor did he want to be photographed.

The obvious reason he doesn’t want anybody to know is because he’d be flooded with sudden well-wishers wanting money.

Roger did comment on what he plans to do with the fortune. And it doesn’t sound like he’s interested in investing or thinking about the future.

“I’ll probably spend most of it on alcohol, women and gambling,” he admitted. “The rest of it I’ll waste.”

Fiesta Henderson Congratulates the Big Winner

The Fiesta Henderson staff was happy for their big winner. Station Casinos Director of Corporate Communications Lori Nelson commented on the matter.

“What an unbelievably exciting day at Fiesta Henderson,” said Nelson. “We wish our winner a lifetime of happiness enjoying their winnings.”

The odds of winning the Megabucks progressive jackpot are 1 in 49,836,032. That said, Roger got extremely lucky with this big win.