Why Slots Payout Cycles Are a Complete Lie

One common belief among gamblers is that slot machines pay out based on a cycle. These slots payout cycles mean that you can look forward to winning a jackpot after X amount of spins.

This idea seems feasible because each slots payout features certain odds.

However, payout cycles are a complete lie. I’ll explain why below and also discuss more on what these cycles are.

What Are Slots Payout Cycles?

A slots payout cycle refers to when prizes are delivered on a consistent schedule. If a payout has 1 in 1,000 odds, for example, then it’s supposed to be delivered after exactly 1,000 spins.

These cycles are allegedly useful when trying to figure out when you’ll win a jackpot. Playing the same game over and over supposedly gives you a better chance of winning the top prize at the cycle’s end.

Assume that you know a jackpot has 1 in 500,000 odds of occurring. You’d aim to make spin #500,000 in this case.

Some players are so adamant about these cycles that they won’t get up from their seats. They literally hold their pee in casinos to avoid letting somebody else slip in and “win their jackpot.”

Why Are Slots Payout Cycles a Complete Myth?

The reason why payout cycles are completely fictional is because you never know when a prize will occur. Just because a payout has 1 in 10,000 odds of happening doesn’t mean this will be so.

This same payout could be made within the next 20 spins or the next 150,000 spins. The odds don’t indicate that a cycle is present in any way.

Therefore, you should never obsess over a certain game just because you think a jackpot is coming. You should instead play slots like normal and quit whenever you feel like doing so.