Is Slots Payback Affected by the Amount of Money Bet?

Slots players have a number of misconceptions about how these games work. One of these misconceptions is that slots payback can be influenced by how much money is bet on a machine.

I’m going to discuss how slots payback isn’t affected in any way by how much is wagered.

Idea Behind Playing Frequency Affecting Payback

The idea that slot machine payback is influenced by popularity is steeped in logic. Some think that if a machine receives more bets, then it’s going to pay out more.

This makes sense because you’d think that a casino would be more generous if they’re making more profits. However, the truth is that the play rate has nothing to do with how much slot machines offer.

Random Number Generator Has No Concept of Money Bet

The random number generator (RNG) determines spin results by cycling through a wide range of number combinations. And the key word here is “random” since the RNG has no concept of how much money is wagered.

The casino could be completely empty, and the RNG would still operate the same as if the gambling venue was filled with people.

A perfect example of this is high denomination slot machines.

These don’t get much play because they cost between $5 and $25 per spin. Nevertheless, these typically pay more than standard slots.

Coin Denominations Affect Slots Payback More than Anything

When you’re playing slots in a land-based casino, the payback is most likely to be affected by the coin denomination. Just like high denomination machines pay more, low denomination games normally pay less.

Again, the popularity has nothing to do with how much a slot machine pays. And the main reason why is because the RNG can’t discern how much money has been wagered in a given hour, day, or week.