When You should and shouldn’t play Max Coins

slots-max-coinsOne of the oldest pieces of slots advice is to always play the maximum number of coins. The logic behind this is that some games only offer the jackpot and/or top payback if you play max coins. But this isn’t really the case today because there’s more variety in the slots world than ever before. That said, let’s look at when you should and shouldn’t play the max.

Multi-Payline Games

Most video slots today are of the multi-payline variety, where you choose how many paylines to play. And how many coins and paylines you play will greatly depend upon the rules. Look at the rules screen to see if you qualify for any extra bonuses by betting more. If not, then you can simply play one coin and payline, allowing you to spin the reels for cheap.

slots-friendsProgressive Slots

A standard progressive slot machine features a jackpot that grows with every qualifying bet that’s made. The key word here is “qualifying” because if you don’t meet the stipulations, then you can’t win the top prize. So it’s normally to your advantage to bet the max number of coins, or make the given side wager to play for the jackpot.

Random Progressive Slots

These games are nice for anybody with a small bankroll who wants to win big. Regardless of how much you wager, you’ll be eligible to win the random progressive jackpot. The only catch is that those who bet more typically have a better chance to win the top prize.

Bonus Multipliers

In theory, you should play maximum coins on these games because they deliver a bonus when you bet the max. However, the key is to look at when the bonuses are coming. Do you only get a bonus multiplier on the jackpot? If so, then you’ll normally be fine just playing one coin because your chances of winning the top payout aren’t very high anyways.