What Is the Slots Ladder System? How Does It Work?

Sometimes it’s fun to use systems when playing slots. And one of the most interesting strategies that I’ve seen is the slots latter system.

I’ll state right away that you can’t beat slots by using systems.

But you can at least spice up your play by using the ladder strategy, which I’ll cover below.

How the Slots Ladder System Works

The ladder strategy revolves around increasing your bets when you’re winning, and lowering them when you’re losing. The idea is to take advantage of winning streaks and back off when you’re losing.

An example would be if you started out by betting $1 per spin and increasing this amount by $1 every time you win.

On the other hand, you decrease your bets to $0.50 each time you lose. Your bet would remain at $0.50 until you finally win again.

The amounts that you want to increase and lower your bet by depend upon personal preference. But you can see that it’s not overly difficult to use the slots ladder system.

Why Isn’t This Strategy Effective?

The biggest problem with the ladder strategy is that you have no idea when a winning streak will start or end. You might win three bets in a row and continue increasing your wager size, only to lose the next three bets as you go down the ladder.

Another problem is that you might be on a hot streak, yet not putting together consecutive wins. Therefore, you keep decreasing your bet after a loss only to miss out on potential profits as you win like five of nine bets.

It’s exactly as I mentioned before in that no system can truly beat slots long term. The house has an edge on every game and will win money from the average player.

But systems are fun to try and can sometimes help you take advantage of a hot streak. The ladder system, specifically, helps you build big wins when stringing together several payouts in a row.