Slots Free Drinks could be Determined by Machines

Drinks are one of the most-common comps for slot machine players. And slots free drinks could soon be determined by computer systems.

This technology will be placed on table-top slot machines to determine who deserves a free drink. The tech measures how much somebody has bet and signals if they deserve a beverage.

Ardent Progressive Systems and Games has already added these programs to 90 slot machines in Nevada.

Laughlin Testing Free Slots Drinks

According to WCPO Cincinnati, this program is currently being tested in Laughlin casinos. Laughlin is the third-largest casino destination in Nevada.

The idea is to test the free drink system for a couple of months and measure the results afterward.

“The hope now is, the trial down in Laughlin will be successful and then we’ve got several properties that are waiting to see the results of that and possibly implementing it in the near future up here in Las Vegas,” said an Ardent Progressive Systems and Games spokesperson.

How do the Slots Free Drinks Programs Work?

These systems feature a strip of LED lights that change colors based on your betting volume. Red means that you haven’t earned a drink, while green means that you deserve a drink.

The system even has an orange marker to signal that you’re playing too slowly and not on pace for free beverages.

“You will know as you play whether you qualify for a complimentary drink or not, as will the cocktail waitress,” stated Ardent.

The company added that players don’t need to do anything beyond playing at a consistent level to earn drinks.

“The qualification levels on there are very, very low so this should not affect anybody that plays for the most part, at all.

“Ideally, the only person that will be grumbling about this will be the person that wants to get that free drink before they go into a show by just sitting down at the machine and maybe playing a penny or wherever they can get away with.”