Slots Bonuses, Multipliers Affect Volatility

aladdins-wishes-slotsMany slots players enjoy games with multipliers and bonus rounds because they add more entertainment. After all, you don’t see as many classic 3-reel, one-payline slot machines these days. And that’s because players enjoy having extra frills to spice up play. But there’s a price that you pay for these perks, and it comes in the form of volatility, as we’ll explain below.

Slots Bonuses and Multipliers Create Infrequent Wins

What makes bonuses and multipliers exciting is that you can hit a huge payout on any spin. Some games offer multipliers worth up to 500 times your triggering bet, while bonus rounds can deliver thousands of credits if you get lucky.

slots-bonusThe excitement that any spin can lead to these colossal payouts is what keeps slots players hunting for bonus rounds and other frills. But the downside is that they also increase volatility, which leads to less-frequent wins.

If a slot machine has 95% payback along with multipliers and bonuses that offer thousands of credits, it can only pay out so often. This means that you’re often stuck waiting for these big payouts while you keep losing over and over again.

Think About Your Bankroll

Whether or not you play slots with big multipliers and bonuses all depends upon your preference. But if you have a small bankroll, then you might want to opt for a game that has smaller/fewer multipliers and bonus rounds.

Your bankroll won’t last very long on a volatile game, especially if you have to bet $0.50 or more per spin. And while it’s thrilling to chase huge payouts, what isn’t thrilling is watching your money disappearing in 5 or 10 minutes. So think about what you value most when playing slots, and use the size/quantity of multipliers and bonuses to determine what games you play.