Are Slots Bonus Games Predetermined?

One of the most exciting things about playing slot machines is triggering a second-screen bonus. These slots bonus games are fun because they give you a chance to do something other than spin the reels.

But one thing that many players want to know is if slots bonuses are predetermined. Let’s answer this question by looking at skilled vs. non-skilled bonuses.

What are Non-Skilled Bonus Games?

It used to be that all of the slots bonus games were non-skilled. These work much like the reels themselves, where everything is randomized.

Of course, your choices do affect results in a non-skilled bonus. If you’re selecting pots to reveal prizes, your choices will determine whether or not you win.

It’s also important to note that your chances of winning in these types of rounds are predetermined. For example, there may be nine pots, with only four offering a prize.

What are Skilled Slots Bonus Games?

In recent years, casinos have rolled out more skill-based slots play. This is exciting because you actually have some control over how well you do.

One example is a first-person shooter game, where you move the cursor around and shoot different objects. Your ability to do well affects what kind of bonus prize you get.

In these cases, the results are predetermined because you only win what you can shoot.

Which Kind of Slots Bonus Round do You Prefer?

The type of slots bonus round that you like will depend upon your individual preference.

Some players may enjoy playing a fun game where they don’t have to think or try too hard. Others will want to use their skill to improve their odds of winning.

In either case, slots bonus rounds are definitely fun. But only the skilled variety gives you a chance to control your own destiny.