Slots Bankroll Management: Avoid the “Machine Zone”

switching-slot-machinesWhile slots are definitely fun to play, one of the most-important concepts that you must always be mindful of is bankroll management. Of course, this is easier said than done when you’re having a great time on the slot machines and don’t want to quit. But you can stop whenever you want much easier simply by doing one thing – avoiding the “machine zone.” Here’s a look at what this means as well as what a research group found about the machine zone.

What is the Slot Machine Zone?

“Being in the zone” is often characterized by sports players who are playing exceptionally well for a brief time period. Slots players can also get in the zone, although it doesn’t carry quite the positive connotation.

According to University of British Columbia (UBC) researchers, slots players can fall into a “machine zone,” where they’re unaware of what’s happening beyond the game. And when this happens, you’re far more likely to exceed your slots bankroll and spend money that you can’t spare.

What does UBC Research show about the Machine Zone?

great-jackpot-strategyResearchers made slight changes like taking $5 from players’ balances or changing background surroundings. However, most players were so engrossed in the slots games that they didn’t even notice these subtle changes.

“The players are so immersed in the spinning reels, and the lights and sounds of the games, that they would more or less be oblivious,” said Luke Clark, director of UBC’s Gambling Research branch. “What we can see is that through being in the zone, players will actually miss other things that are going on around them, inside and outside of the game.”

Using these Findings to protect your Slots Bankroll

According to local British Columbia news outlet 24 HRS, Clark and his team hope that their findings help prevent problem gambling. And they’ll be presenting their research at an upcoming New Horizons in Responsible Gaming Conference.

“This week’s conference is really looking at how gambling products should be best made available to the public in a way that minimizes those harms,” Clark explained. “I think we’re going to see a lot of cutting-edge data on how to encourage gamblers to set limits within their play and encourage them to stick within those limits.”

Of course, you don’t have to be at this conference to understand that slots can put you in a trance. So when you’re playing and trying to limit your bankroll’s exposure, be aware of how much you’re betting, losing/winning and how much time you’ve played. Just being aware of factors beyond the game will go a long ways towards preserving your slots money.