Slot Machine Sports Betting could Be Coming

Slot machines and sports betting are considered two separate gambling activities. But a recent report suggests that slot machine sports betting could soon become a reality.

BMM Testlabs published a white paper that discusses how gaming needs to keep up with players’ changing interests.

One of these suggestions is that game developers should offer slot machine sports betting.

Slots Alone Won’t Keep Winning Players Over

Slot machines have long been the lifeblood of casinos. But BMM is convinced that the industry must innovate to stay relevant.

“What’s next for the industry is difficult to predict as patron demographics and demands shift, as well as how technology develops.”

The white paper adds, “What is certain, is that the industry can no longer hope that casino floors will attract and retain tomorrow’s patrons.”

Floyd Barroga, VP of BMM’s technical compliance department, added more context to the future industry goals.

“Success requires promulgation of statutes and regulations which will encourage the integration of compelling product through the execution of leading-edge design.”

He continued, “Today the industry is at a crossroad, and the stakeholders can use this opportunity to collaborate.”

How would Slot Machine Sports Betting Work?

BMM Testlabs’ white paper doesn’t offer a lot of ideas on how the slots/sports betting terminals would work. But I assume that they would simply be slot machines where one could also bet on sports.

Of course, plenty of gaming sites already allow this to a degree. You can bet on sports and play slots at the same sites.

However, nothing like this is currently available in land-based casinos. You have to visit a sportsbook to place bets and sit at a slot machine to play slots.

Other future suggestions outlined by the paper include localized climate control and biometric identification at games throughout casinos.