Slot Machine Fight Results in Woman’s Ear Being Bitten

birdie-fleming-casino-slotsSusan Keyser was prepared for a fun night at Oklahoma’s Remington Park Casio, but she instead ended up in the hospital after her ear was bitten following a slot machine disagreement.

No, the attacker was not Mike Tyson, but rather a woman named Birdie Fleming.

According to police, Keyser said she was having a rough time on the slot machine that she was playing. The 51-year-old then got up and moved to another machine that Fleming had been previously playing.

Not long after settling in at her new machine, Keyser hit a bonus round.

“And then, when the female victim won some money on the machine, the female confronted her, saying that was her machine that she has stolen,” said Officer Megan Morgan of the Oklahoma City Police Department., an NBC affiliate, reports that Keyser claims to have sat at the machine when the balance was zero and nobody was playing it. Still, Fleming approached her after the bonus win and begin yelling about the machine. Eventually, the situation escalated into a physical altercation.

“At that time, she actually bit the victim on her left ear,” said Morgan.

Keyser’s husband wanted security to step in before things got this far, but apparently it didn’t happen soon enough.

“The earlobe was just hanging barely by some skin that was connected to the victims head,” Morgan described.

Fleming was arrested for the incident, and Remington Park casino officials offered KFOR the following statement:

officer-megan-morgan“The safety of our guests at Remington Park is of utmost importance. Our security team reacted swiftly to Monday evening’s incident and assisted local police as they conducted their investigation.”

Keyser needed 32 stitches to help repair her ear. Doctors are still unsure as to whether or not she’ll keep the entire ear.

Fights like this are nothing new in the casino world, especially when it comes to bonus vultures. These players hang around slot machines and try to coax players off them before a mini progressive bonus is set to hit.

Fleming doesn’t appear to be a bonus vulture, but if reports are correct, she adamantly wanted the bonus that Keyser earned after she exited the machine.