Skill Slots could feature Space Invaders, Simpsons and More

simpsons-slotsWe’re almost to 2016, which means it won’t be long until skill-based slot machines hit Las Vegas casino floors. But what exactly can we expect from these slots, which are designed to attract more millennials? CBS affiliate Klew TV has provided a closer look with their recent report on skill slot machines.

Some new games from IGT and Scientific Games are providing a glimpse of what to expect. Bonus rounds that resemble the classic game “Space Invaders” should definitely spice up people’s gaming experiences. A new slot based on “The Simpsons” will allow players to scratch off lottery tickets at the Kwik-E-Mart or try and catch doughnut sprinkles for prizes.

Other intriguing slot bonus rounds that may soon be available on casino floors include Pac-Man, Guitar Hero, and quick shooting and racing games. The idea is to bring more skill and interactivity to a time-honored classic so that younger people will want to play.

space-invaders-slotsBut not everybody is so enthusiastic about catering to millennials, including Allon Englman, the head slot maker at Scientific Games.

“To be honest with you, they don’t spend that much money,” said Englman. “I don’t know who’s paying for those $3,000 bottles,” he added in regard to the expensive liquor bottles that are sold at Vegas nightclubs.

Despite Englman’s skepticism, it seems that the majority of the Vegas slots industry is on board with skill-based games. After all, plenty of gamemakers are working very hard to turn out new games within the next year or so. And we should know in a few years whether or not these slots are the key to entertaining millennials.

For more on this story, check out Klew TV.