Skill Based Slots – What Are They?

Slot machines have always operated purely on random results. However, skill based slots are beginning to change this tradition.

A skill based game provides some degree of control over wins and losses. But how do these games work?

I’m going to discuss more on skill based slot machines and why they offer so much interactivity.

Bonus Round with Skill Involved

The term “skill based” may imply that a slot machine is all about skill. However, these games work just like any other slot to a large degree.

The bonus is what separates skill based slots from traditional machines. These bonus rounds include some level of interactivity that allows you to influence results.

For example, you might have to shoot at fighter planes in a World War II game. Your ability to control the gun and hit enemy planes will directly influence your prize money.

The rest of the game works like normal. You spin the reels and await random results.

But the fun part comes when the bonus is triggered. At this point, you have an opportunity to improve your winnings through good play.

Why Are Skill Based Slots Exciting?

Some people find regular slot machines boring. They don’t like the drill of spinning the reels and waiting for random results.

These gamblers instead want some degree of control over the matter. Skill based games provide this results management to a degree.

Of course, these slots don’t have the level of interactivity of, say, Call of Duty. But the bonus at least provides a chance to influence your winnings.

Should You Play Skill Based Slot Machines?

If you like slots, then you should definitely consider giving the skill based variety a chance.

These games offer something different from the typical drill of pushing “spin” over and over. They instead provide more interactivity through the bonus.

You have the opportunity to influence your results to a degree. Assuming this sounds appealing, then you should consider looking for and playing skill based slots.