Skill-based Slots Maker GameCo Looks towards Australia

GameCo, which makes skill-based slots, hasn’t had much luck in casinos so far. But they’re hoping to change this by focusing on the Australian market.

“Australian operators have shown interest in skill-based [machines] and our games,” said GameCo CEO Blaine Graboyes.

“There are a number of efforts under way within the region to consider how skill-based gaming may be considered.”

What does GameCo Offer?

GameCo makes arcade-style games that players can gamble on. Danger Arena is their first product, which is a first-person shooter game. They’re also rolling out racing games, puzzles, and other first-person shooters.

These arcade gambling games determine results through a combination of chance and players’ skill. This differs from traditional slot machines because luck isn’t the sole determining factor.

One of GameCo’s first product-testing markets is Atlantic City. However, the machines didn’t do well here and Caesars properties pulled them.

GameCo’s Expansion Plans for Skill-based Slots

GameCo isn’t giving up after the Atlantic City failure. Instead, their skill-based slots and arcade games will roll out in a number of other locations.

“We are currently working with partners for expansion throughout Latin America, the UK, the Netherlands, and into Asia, particularly Macau,” Graboyes explained.

GameCo Must Consider Australia’s Gambling Problem

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Victorian government officials are already looking into these skill-based gambling games. And they want to know if the machines will exacerbate their country’s gambling problem.

The Land Down Under has led per-capita gaming lists. And they want to avoid anything that will cause extreme losses.

The Responsible Gambling Ministerial Advisory Council and University of Sydney are currently studying these machines. Sally Gainsbury, a senior lecturer at the U. of Sydney, worries that players may overestimate their skill.

“People essentially think they have a strategy, that they are better than other people, and they will continue to play in the hope they have a big win,” said Gainsbury.

“If you have betting machines that have an element of skill, the concern is that people will not have an understanding of where skill is involved and what comes down to just chance. And they could think that the more they practice the better they may get.”

Despite the skepticism, we expect skill-based slots in Australia casinos in the near future.