Sir Mix A Lot Slot Machine to Be Released

Sir Mix A Lot will forever be famous for his 1992 song Baby Got Back. This iconic track will now form the basis for a new Sir Mix A Lot slot.

Dubbed “I like big BUCK$,” this game will be released in March 2019 by Bluberi Gaming Canada Inc. The name refers to how Mix A Lot shouts “I like big butts and I cannot lie” in Baby Got Back.

I like big BUCK$ will feature Sir Mix A Lot’s likeness along with various sound samples from his legendary track.

Sir Mix A Lot has never produced any hits as big as Baby Got Back. But the 55-year-old has still had quite a career that includes everything from rapping to being in movies.

Still Work to be Done with Sir Mix A Lot Slot

The rapper spoke about his upcoming slot machine at G2E 2018 in Las Vegas.

And he discussed the work involved by saying “a lot, and we’re not done. We’re still adding stuff.”

One might think that Bluberi could just pull snippets out of the Baby Got Back song. However, Sir Mix A Lot actually has to record original lines just for the game.

“The music stuff was very interesting because I had to record it to fit the game as opposed to just doing a song,” he said. “So I had to move the lyrics around.

“Give them a capellas, give them music by itself, scratching by itself, all that stuff, and it worked. And like I said, this is just the start.”

Rapper Threatens that Sir Mix A Lot Slot Better be on Floors

Sir Mix A Lot had some fun with the interview by joking about the consequences if his slot isn’t widely available.

“If the casinos do not put this slot machine on the floor, they might mysteriously burn to the ground,” he said. “I’ve seen it happen before, so I would suggest you get at least eight, and you’ll be safe.”

Many celebrities have lent their likeness to slot machines in recent years. I like big BUCK$ is just the latest in this growing trend.