Two Reasons why you shouldn’t overlook 3 Reel Slots

3-reel-slotsThese days, many slots players overlook 3 reel games in favor of the flashier 5 reel slots. That’s because the latter offers bigger jackpots, bonus rounds, character animations and, usually, better graphics. So it’s not hard to see why somebody would first opt for 5 reel slots.

However, this isn’t to say that you should immediately rush for the bigger jackpots and larger array of features with 5 reel games. That’s because 3 reel slots offer two really big advantages, which we’ll discuss below.

1. Your Chances of winning the Jackpot are Better

Everybody wants to win a jackpot when they play slots. And your chances of doing so are definitely much better with 3 reel games. The reason why is because the jackpots are normally far smaller in these games. Some might see this as a disadvantage, however, the smaller size means that 3 reel slots can afford to pay out more often. A common top prize in 3 reel games is 4,000 coins, which, when compared to the five, six and seven-figure jackpots in 5 reel slots, is pretty modest.

2. Your Bankroll will stretch Further

Something that goes along with the first point that we discussed is how 3 reel slots allow you to make your bankroll last longer. To explain why, consider the larger jackpots that we discussed with 5 reel games. Because so much money is wrapped up in something like a $50k, $100k or $1 million prize, the average 5 reel machine can’t afford to pay out as many lower prizes. 3 reel slots, on the other hand, can deliver more small payouts because the jackpot isn’t so large.

If you still deem 3 reel games to be boring and less-graphically enhanced, it’s understandable. However, we urge you to at least consider 3 reel slots if you’re dealing with a small bankroll and/or want a better opportunity to win jackpots.