Ideas for Saving a Slots Bankroll

saving-slots-bankrollMuch is made about not betting more money than you can afford to lose in slots. But what happens if you want to play larger than your bankroll without being financially irresponsible? Well, the best and easiest way to go about this is by saving money money. That said, here are a few ideas for how you can save up for a larger slots bankroll.

1. Figure out Your Entertainment Budget, then draw from this

Add up all your bills, rent/mortgage, food, gas, utilities and any other expense that you can think of. Also, quickly add up how much money you make from your job each month. Now what’s left? This is the amount of money that you can put towards savings and/or entertainment. Without consciously knowing it, you probably spend this budget on a number of things that you don’t need. So once you figure out this amount, you can cut back on other forms of entertainment and divert the money to your slots bankroll.

2. Eat at Home More

Most people will find that the biggest area they can save in is not eating out. Perhaps you’re already doing this, but the average person usually eats out more than they need to. And the problem here is that it’s pretty expensive to eat at restaurants, get take out and buy fast food on a regular basis. Assuming you spend more money in this area than you should, then make it a goal to eat at home more often. Whenever you avoid eating out at a time when you normally would, put this cash towards your slots bankroll.

slots-why-play3. Play Less of Other Casino Games

Here’s a simple idea for those who love casino games of all types: just play more slots and less of everything else. Going further, you could even break your bankroll down into specific amounts for each game, with slots taking up most of the budget. For example, if you enjoy baccarat, craps and slots – yet only have $200 – you could dedicate $120 to slots, and split the remaining $80 between baccarat and craps.

4. Work More Overtime, put this Money towards Slots

If you work a set amount of hours and have the option for more overtime, you can always work towards a larger bankroll. This is great because it keeps the money that you’re putting towards bills consistent while earning additional funds just for slots. Assuming you go this route, just don’t work too hard!