Sandam Wins Same Slots Jackpot Twice – Beats 625m to 1 Odds

An online slots player named Sandam has won the same jackpot twice, beating 625 million to 1 odds.

The south London woman’s first jackpot was a £1.13 million payout, which she won on a £20 bet.

According to the Daily Star, she won another £627,000 with the same game and £20 wager. In total, she collected £1.7 million in jackpots within a four-week span.

The Daily Star points out some interesting things that have higher odds of happening than two big progressive jackpots:

– Your odds of being struck by lightning are 10 million to 1.
– Your odds of being bitten by a shark are 11 million to 1.
– Your odds or become an astronaut are 12 million to 1.
– The odds of giving birth to identical quadruplets are 13 million to 1.

More on Sandam Winning Same Slots Jackpot Twice

Only known by her online handle, Sandam was playing a game called MegaJackpots Star Lanterns for both of life-changing wins. This is a standard 5-reel, 20-line slot with a large progressive jackpot.

“I just couldn’t believe it when I won the first jackpot,” said Sandam, who’s in her 40s.

“But when the second win happened less than a month later I thought there must be a mistake. The first thing I’ll splash out on is a new car and there’ll be lots of treats for the family lined up too.”

Allan Turner, who heads marketing at the bgo casino where the woman won, is quite impressed with the jackpots.

“These two wins happening to the same player within a month is just staggering,” said Turner.

“The odds are crazy but she has beaten them. We’re really pleased for Sandam – she’s obviously got the magic touch and the boss should be worried – he doesn’t like being beaten!”

Given the astronomical odds on your ability to win the same slots jackpot twice, we don’t see this happening again any time soon.