Russian Men busted for Slots Cheating

slots-cheatingUsing devices to cheat in slots is nothing new since this has been done for decades. For example, Tommy Glenn Carmichael used the “monkey’s paw” to make millions through slots in the 1980s. But games have gotten much more sophisticated since then, and so have the cheating methods.

Take, for instance, four Russian men who were recently busted for cheating slots games in St. Louis, Missouri and East St. Louis, Illinois. The four men – Murat Bliev, Yevgeniy Nazarov, Igor Lavrenov and Ivan Gudalov (three from Moscow, one living in Miami) – were caught using the Aristocrat Mark VI Electronic Gaming Device.

So how does this Device work?

According to the US Attorney’s office, the Russian slots players used the Aristocrat Mark VI Electronic Gaming Device to communicate with foreign servers to predict the actions of slots games. This allowed them to predict future outcomes of slots, thus helping them pick games that were more likely to pay out. It hasn’t been revealed exactly how much the men made through their scam.

Plans for More

The men didn’t plan to simply end their casino spree in the St. Louis area. They also had plans to travel to other casinos throughout the US, including more stops in Illinois, Missouri and even California. However, their cross-country road trip was cut short when the authorities uncovered their plot early on.

The indictments that the Russian men are facing carry a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. It’s not known whether these guys have prior felonies, which will likely play a role in their sentencing. But regardless, these guys’ tale shows that it’s never a good idea to use cheating devices in casinos.