What Is the RTP for RTG Slots?

Many online slots developers offer the return to player (RTP) for their games. Unfortunately, RTG slots don’t do the same.

You can google an RTG slot all you want, yet still not find payout percentages. This fact is disappointing when considering how many other developers make RTP publicly available.

I’m going to discuss the reasoning behind why you won’t find RTP for RTG slots. But first, I’ll cover more on the company itself.

What Is RTG?

Realtime Gaming, better known as RTG, is an online gaming company. They’ve been producing slots and table games for over 20 years.

Many American players are familiar with RTG products. After all, this company is one of the few developers that consistently braves the unregulated US market.

RTG slots aren’t the industry’s absolute best regarding graphics, features, and themes. However, they’re fairly well received, especially in the under-served US market.

Why Can’t You Find RTP for RTG Slots?

Unlike many online gaming developers, RTG doesn’t offer uniform payout percentages for its games.

Instead, online casinos can pick between three different pay schedules. They can either request 91%, 95%, or 97.5% RTP for a given game.

Most slots providers will only offer one payout percentage per game. This is the reason why you’ll easily find RTP figures for, say, Rival Gaming slots.

Should You Still Play RTG Games?

You might be hesitant to trust RTG slots when considering the lack of RTP. After all, every casino could merely choose the 91% option for each game.

However, I’ve never noticed much of a difference between my wins on RTG slots and others. I’m assuming that most casinos at least pick the 95% option.

Gaming sites have trouble getting repeat business from losers. 95% RTP is a nice safe figure that lets players win, without taking too much from the casino.

Of course, I totally understand if you only want to play games that have publicly available RTP.