Resorts World Has Best Slots Payback, Isle of Capri Has Worst

Every casino likes to advertise how they have the loosest slots. But a recent study shows that only Resorts World New York City can truly make this statement.

The American Casino Guide looked at slots payback at casinos across the US. And they found that the Resorts World New York racino offered the highest average payback at 95.3%.

Meanwhile, Isle of Capri Casino in Kansas City was found to have the worst payback at 88.8%.

It’s worth noting that Resorts World and Isle of Capri are both sites where big jackpot disputes occurred.

This includes Katrina Bookman thinking she won $43 million at Resorts World. And Pauline McKee thought she won $41.8 million at Isle of Capri.

Resorts World’s Payback is in Line with Online Slots

Most land-based casinos offer slots payback ranging from 88% to 94%. Normally you have to visit online casinos to find payback worth over 95%.

This is what makes Resorts World unique because their 95.3% payback is in line with many online slot machines.

How did the American Casino Guide Come Up with Figures?

As Queens Chronicle reports, the American Casino Guide looked at slots payback data throughout America to determine their findings.

“But when it comes to slot machines, even the most common superstitions don’t stand up against the data when we look at the casinos that offer the highest payout percentages,” the site quotes.

“We analyzed the data to find the highest (and lowest) payback percentages for slot machines by location, casino, and wager amount.”

Nevada Still King of Slots

New York may have the top casino in terms of slot machine payback. But Nevada still reigns supreme in terms of overall payback.

Nevada casinos average 94% payback, while New York sits at No. 3 with 92% payback.

How Much do You have to Bet to Get Top Slots Payback?

The American Casino Guide recommends betting $10 per spin to get the best payback in most land-based casinos.

“A $10 wager will offer higher approximate earnings than most other bets, including $100 bets,” states ACG’s website.

“For the most part, however, higher denomination wagers typically offer higher average payback percentages than slots that accept lower bets.”