Pros and Cons of Playing Two Slot machines at Once

One thing that slots players do to spice up their action is play two slot machines at once. This is nice because you can go back and forth between machines while you’re waiting for the reels to stop spinning.

The obvious benefit to playing two slot machines at once is that you can enjoy an action-packed session.

But are there any other benefits to doing so? Are there any drawbacks?

I’ll cover this matter below by discussing the pros and cons of playing multiple slot machines simultaneously.

Pros of Playing Two Slot Machines

As mentioned in the introduction, the biggest plus to playing multiple slot machines is that you get more action. This is perfect for players who want to get as many spins in as possible.

The other benefit would be if you’re playing a slot machine that’s offering an advantage. You can then maximize your advantage through more spins

The main time that this happens is when a progressive jackpot has grown so big that it’s theoretically offering over 100% payback.

You used to be able to find bonus accumulator slot machines in Las Vegas. And these can offer an advantage when the bonus is ready to pay out.

But many Vegas casinos have gotten rid of accumulator slots because they cause problems.

Cons to Paying Two Slot Machines at Once

The big drawback is that you’re exposing yourself more to the house edge when playing multiple slot machines. This only makes sense because when you double your spins, the casino’s edge also doubles.

The other problem is that you also have to watch out for other players when using multiple machines.

This is perfectly fine if the casino is empty and if you have your pick of the slots. But I don’t suggest playing more than one machine if the casino is busy.

In summary, it’s up to you to weigh the pros and cons before you decide if it’s a good idea to play two slot machines at once.