Man fulfills own Prophecy by winning $1.5m Slots Jackpot

howard-g-slot-jackpotHoward G. was pretty confident that he would one day hit the famed Wheel of Fortune slots jackpot, which offers a huge progressive payout.

“I told everyone I knew I was going to hit that jackpot; my co-workers, family, and friends,” Howard said. “I was determined. It was part of my routine. I play my slots, then hit the blackjack tables, and always try for the (Wheel of Fortune) jackpot before I leave.”

Given the low odds of winning such a massive slots prize, one could have merely shrugged off the Long Islander’s premonition. But Howard recently made his dreams come true by hitting a $1,473,503 jackpot through Wheel of Fortune.

He was playing at New York’s Empire City Casino when his massive windfall came. And this was the perfect venue for his life-changing win, given that Howard loves Empire City so much.

howard-g-slot-jackpot-1“I play at casinos in Vegas, Atlantic City and Biloxi, but I truly feel most comfortable at Empire City,” Howard explained. “Not only do I love the gaming variety, but the staff is accommodating and friendly – they were so happy when I won!”

Now that he’s a millionaire, Howard says that the money will go a long ways towards securing retirement for he and his wife. But as for immediate plans with the money, Howard doesn’t really seem to have anything concrete in mind.

“My wife wants a new roof on the house, so I guess we can get that now,” he said.

It certainly wasn’t cheap for Howard to play for this giant prize. The particular Wheel of Fortune slot machine he played required a $20 bet to qualify for the jackpot. Lucky for Howard, it took him less than five spins to reel in the fortune. Now he can look forward to retirement and the fact that his winning prediction came true.