Prereveal Slot Machines Appeal Denied by FLA Supreme Court

Certain bars and restaurants were hoping to appeal a negative decision on prereveal slot machines. However, the Florida Supreme Court has declined the appeal and won’t hear the case.

The justices didn’t offer a reason for their decision. By declining the appeal, they’re letting a ruling stand from the 1st District Court of Appeal.

The 1st District Court ruled that prereveal slot machines effectively constitute illegal gambling. Bars and other restaurants were asked to remove them from their properties.

What Is the History of This Case?

The Florida Department of Business and Profession Regulation was locked in a dispute with Blue Sky Games and Jacksonville’s Gator Coin. They contended that both entities were producing illegal slots.

Blue Sky and Gator Coin argued that the games weren’t illegal, because prereveal slots are different. The department’s Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco then got involved, telling two bars to get rid of their prereveal games.

Blue Sky and Gator Coin have since tried getting legal help in the matter. However, their dreams were crushed when the 1st District Court ruled against prereveal slots.

What are Prereveal Slot Machines?

A normal slot machine sees players make a bet and let random fate do the rest. They have no idea what will happen with the spin.

Prereveal slots differ, though, by offering a preview of the upcoming round. Players can get an idea of what symbols will appear on their next spin.

Gator Coin and Blue Sky have argued that the preview aspect takes some of the gamble away. These games at least give players some idea of what they’re betting on.

Florida gaming regulators and other entities don’t believe that the preview feature means anything. They contend that prereveal games are still gambling.

It appears that courts agree for the time being. Prereveal slots remain illegal when offered by unlicensed businesses.