PokerStars Casino Pays 2 Huge Slots Jackpots on Consecutive Days

PokerStars is normally only known for their online poker prowess. But they’re suddenly making a splash in the slots world after paying multi million-dollar slots jackpots on consecutive days.

Both players hit their windfalls on Millionaires Island. They became the third and fourth players to win over $1 million since the slot launched in December 2016.

“Millionaires Island has proved to be hugely popular with our players,” said PokerStars Casino Director Bo Wänghammar.

Where did the Slots Jackpots Occur?

The first jackpot mentioned above occurred in Belarus. This is a small Eastern European country that’s surrounded by Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, and Ukraine.

The Belarusian player had only been paying for a few minutes before hitting a $2.43 million slots jackpot.

The mystery player said that their girlfriend was in disbelief following the win. “She did not believe me and thought it was a joke,” they said.

A restaurant owner in Greece won a slots jackpot worth $1.34 million the following day.

“I thought it was a dream and I didn’t believe it for a few days,” said the Greek. “It was amazing, I was dancing on the table.”

Can PokerStars become a Major Online Slots Player?

PokerStars has been trying to expand their reach into the casino gaming world in recent years. Their goal is to become an all-around entertainment company, rather than just online poker.

This is especially the case when considering that internet poker has lost some popularity. Many pros have mastered the strategy, while bots (online programs) are winning illegal profits for their creators.

Amaya Gaming, PokerStars’ parent company, has focused on the slots and table games industry over the past two years.

And it seems like they’ll be successful if they continue paying out the massive online slots jackpots that they’ve recently been awarding.

But for now, they remain one of the semi-big players in the crowd.