Pac-Man Gambling Coming to Casinos

Pac-Man is one of the most-famous arcade machines of all-time. And now, a company wants to release a skill-based version of the 1980 arcade classic in casinos.

Pac-Man Battle Casino is a multiplayer game developed by Gamblit Gaming. Gamblit obtained the permission of Bandai Namco so that they could offer Pac-Man gambling.

Those interested in the game can try a playable demo at the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas this week.

What will Pac-Man Battle Casino be like?

Gambling Gaming is known as the “leading publisher for real-money and skill-based gaming for land based casinos.”

They worked with Bandai Namco to develop a game that’s based on Pac-Man Battle Royale. This is a 4-player version of the arcade game and was released in 2011.

The big twist, though, is that people will be able to wager real money on Pac-Man Battle Casino.

2-4 players make bets before the game starts. The battle winner gets to spin the prize wheel and earn a luck-based payout.

Pac-Man Battle Casino will run on the Gamblit Model G machine. This cabinet includes a touchscreen device along with cup holders, purse hooks, and a USB charging port.

Pac-Man Battle is Part of the Casino Millennial Movement

Casinos are still trying to solve the puzzle of how to get more millennials gambling. And video gaming seems to be one possible answer, including Pac-Man gambling.

Gamblit’s main goal is to solve this problem. And they’re running on the marketing campaign that they can “lower the average consumer age down by 20 years in most jurisdictions.”

Gamblit has already had some success with the Doodle Jump game. They plan to release Pac-Man Battle Casino, Cut the Rope, and Road Redemption (sequel to Road Rage) in 2018.

Time will tell if these games are big successes among the millennial crowd.