Order Drinks from Slots

Slot machine players have traditionally had to wait for cocktail waitresses before they can get a drink. However, modern casinos now see you order drinks from slots.

This technology offers convenience that wasn’t previously available. But you’ll want to know more on how it works before using this tech.

That said, I’m going to cover how you order drinks from slots and the advantages of doing so.

BOSS Lets You Get Drinks Anytime

Casinos are using a system called Beverage Ordering Service System (BOSS). The BOSS tech will let you order drinks at any point during a slots session.

This setup beats the current (old) one, where you must patiently wait for a cocktail waitress. Given that waitresses have a lot of ground to cover, they can’t make everybody happy.

Plenty of casinos are currently trying out BOSS. Pechanga Resort & Casino, a tribal casino in California, is one of them.

Pechanga reports that gamblers must only wait an average of 8 minutes to receive their drinks now.

How Does This System Work?

BOSS begins with gamblers selecting a drink icon on a secondary screen. This second screen keeps players from having to use the main screen to order.

The system allows you to look for drinks by name and category. You therefore shouldn’t have much trouble using it.

The order will then be sent back to the bar, where it’ll be made, The cocktail waitress will bring it out as soon as she has time.

Will You Be Able to Order Drinks from Slots Everywhere?

The big question is how long it’ll take for BOSS to spread to casinos around the world. Currently, only select establishments in the US are using them.

Many casinos will take a wait-and-see approach. They’ll then decide if it’s worth using this system in the future.

Given the convenience, BOSS will probably find its way to more and more casinos over time.