Online Slots Themes have gotten Better and Better

slots-casinosA few decades ago, slots themes basically amounted to whatever small artwork was plastered on the machine. The rest was left up to the imagination as you spun the reels while bells, fruit and numbers appeared. Luckily, slots themes are far more advanced today, and they really add something to the experience. This being said, let’s cover a few different themes that you can expect from online slots today.

Adventure – What better theme for slots than adventures that involve seeking out buried treasure. Some of these games are styled after “The Mummy” or “National Treasure,” which really adds something to your slots prize-hunting experience.

Fantasy – Elves and wizards have served as the subject matter for plenty of great books, films and TV shows. Fairytales also translate well over to the reels, and hopefully you’ll experience your happy ending with these games.

Ghosts – Perfect for October – or any time really – ghost-themed slots give you a chance to brave the ghouls while you search for big prizes. So whether you love scary movies or just like ghosts and goblins, you’ll certainly have fun with these slots.

slots-bonus-roundHistory – If you’re fascinated by stories of gladiators or vikings, you should certainly find some interesting historical-themed slots. The bonus rounds are often really cool in these types of games too.

Movie/Comic – Land-based and online casinos have had great success by adapting films and comic books into slots games. Everything from the Incredible Hulk to “The Hangover” have done quite well in casinos.

Sports – If you’re a die-hard sports fan, then you can get some of the same thrills through slots. Baseball, football and soccer all make for an exciting slots experience.

Keep in mind that these are just some of the themes you’ll find in the slots world. So if there’s something else of interest to you, simply visit an online casino and see what’s available.