Online Slots Player turns $15 Bonus into $200k

choosing-your-slots-gameMany slots players are attracted to online casinos through welcome bonuses. These rewards usually come with the stipulation that you make a deposit, and then you’ll have the chance to win “free” money afterward. But does anybody ever win big through their welcome bonus?

A player named Brian J. recently proved that, yes, you can win big with a slots bonus. In fact, he went on an impressive streak that saw him turn a $15 bonus into an incredible $200,000 profit!

“I was playing with free money, but I was still cautious to start, betting pennies a line on various slots,” Brian said. “When I had a couple of wins, I boosted my bets.”

Within a five-day span, Brian J. won multiple jackpots on several games, including wins of $10k, $14k, $18k, $19k and $24k. But his biggest jackpot came on the fifth day, when he scored a massive $88,000 payout.

Mark Ramirez, who manages the Liberty online casino where Brian was playing, was astonished by what he witnessed with this bonus run.

big-slots-jackpots“I’ve never seen a run like it in all the years I’ve been in this business,” said Ramirez. “We give out a lot of these $10-$15 coupons to encourage people to come and try us out but we’ve never had someone get quite so lucky. Fair play to Brian though, his strategy was impressive! He upped his wagers when he was winning, played a number of different machines, took his chances and rode his luck. This is what it’s all about. When you see those photographs of people in Vegas pumping their fists with excitement — this is what they’re seeing.”

It’s certainly not common to turn a $15 bonus into a $200k fortune. But as Brian J’s story shows, it is at least worth seeing how far you can stretch an online slots welcome bonus.