Online Slots Grow by 87% in 2015

online-slots-growth-2015While online slots have been popular for years, they’ve never been more popular than they currently are. The industry grew by 87% in 2015, showing that slots are nowhere near their peak.

So why have online slots suddenly exploded after being around for two decades?

One big reason why is that gaming companies are doing a good job of tailoring their products to the market. For the longest time, slots makers could get away with offering classic games that didn’t have many frills. But in this highly evolved gaming world, players expect more from their slots.

According to Net News Ledger, it’s also important that lots of games be produced because slots is a niche industry. The more slots that are produced, the more likely players are to lose themselves in this niche and spend more money.

Online casinos have been doing a good job of offering something for everybody, including progressive jackpots, multiple bonus rounds, and unique themes. This means that most players will find what they’re looking for and stay around an online casino longer.

skill-based-slotsWhat’s interesting about slots growth is that they have more appeal than skill-based games, even though they give players a lower chance of winning.

For example, online blackjack features a 0.5% house edge, while the average online slot has a 4-5% house edge. Baccarat is another example since the house only holds a 1.06% house advantage.

Despite these big differences in your chances of winning, far more players are choosing mobile and online slots over table games these days.

Given the growth of online slots in 2015, we look forward to even bigger growth in 2016. After all, slots makers are doing an excellent job of filling different interests within the niche, and they’ll only keep getting better in the coming years.