Online Slots with Bonus Rounds

slots-bonus-roundsIn many parts of the world, slots rule the casino gaming scene with millions of people across the globe spinning reels. This being said, slot machines never really needed any help in the popularity department. However, in the interest of improving their product, many designers have added fun and exciting bonus rounds to games. Seeing as how bonus rounds add a lot more to the equation, let’s discuss what you can expect with them.

How Bonus Games happen

In order to play extra rounds in slots, you must unlock them by accomplishing certain requirements. For example, you might have to get three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels to unlock a bonus game. If you’re unsure of the requirements for unlocking a bonus round, make sure to check the help/payout screen to see what’s needed.

A Different Experience

What’s great about slots bonus rounds is that you can expect to see a variety of different games available. Sometimes these simply entail free spins where you can try for prizes without betting any money. Other times the extra rounds are much more detailed and include an entirely different experience than just spinning the reels.

slots-bonus-rounds-1For example, you might have to shoot targets with a gun or choose from different suitcases to reveal prizes. These are just a couple of examples of what to expect, but you can obviously see that the bonus features are entirely different from what’s normally offered in slots. In fact, some of the rounds are very similar to what you’d expect to see in a video game.


Depending upon your performance in a bonus round, you could be collecting some really big payouts. Using the aforementioned example about selecting suitcases to reveal prizes, you might have to pick three of the same symbol for a payout. In some cases, bonus payouts can be worth 10,000 coins or more!

Free Online Slots with Bonus Rounds

Assuming you’re interested in slots bonus rounds, but aren’t ready to wager real money, you should try free games. Every online casino has free online slots, which means you don’t have to look far. And free slots games offer the same features and gameplay that you’d expect to see in real money games. Once you’ve practiced enough with free games, you can make a deposit and start playing for real money.