Online Slots Auditing: Is a Casino Safe without a Seal?

Slots players often wonder how to ensure that online casinos are offering fair games. And the answer is that they can look towards online slots auditing.

Many internet casinos display seals of auditing agencies that have checked their games for fairness. But what if your favorite casino doesn’t have one of these seals?

Keep reading to find out if it’s safe to play at a non-audited online casino.

What Is Online Slots Auditing?

An online casino auditor is essentially a tech lab that uses programs to test games for fairness and randomness. The goal is to ensure that the games offer both payouts and payback in line with what’s stated/advertised.

ITech Labs, eCOGRA, and Certified Fair Gambling are some of the firms that provide these services. Casinos that undergo this testing can put the auditor’s seal at the bottom of their website.

The idea is to allow players to quickly find out if the casino has undergone auditing, and who performed the audit.

Casinos Don’t Have to Publicly Disclose Auditing

One thing to keep in mind here is that internet casinos aren’t required by law to disclose their auditor. This means that an online casino could have undergone a successful audit, yet simply not have put the seal on their site.

But in most cases, any online casino that doesn’t display an auditing seal probably hasn’t had their games checked. Therefore, you might want to move forward a little more cautiously in these instances.

Most Online Slots Developers are Licensed

The game providers that supply slots to internet casinos are almost always tested by some firm. Therefore, you can usually expect fair gaming at any online casino, even if the site itself hasn’t undergone auditing.

For example, WGS Technology is audited by Certified Fair Gambling. And even though some of the online casinos they serve don’t have seals, you can take comfort in knowing that WGS’ games have passed third party standards.

Long story short, the lack of an auditing seal doesn’t immediately mean that you have to worry about an internet casino.