Why do Online Casinos Let You Play Free Slots?

Everybody knows that internet casinos aren’t in the business to let people enjoy free gaming. So why then do they allow you to play free slots?

This practice seems counterproductive to what casinos are trying to accomplish. Nevertheless, they do benefit from letting you try games for free.

That said, I’m going to look at multiple reasons why casinos let you play free slots.

1. Casinos Want You to Try Their Site

Gaming sites know that their chances of gaining new customers improve when people spend more time at their casino.

Free slots are the perfect way to accomplish this, because some players spend hours trying new games. The more time that one is at a gaming site, the more comfortable they’ll feel there.

2. You may Fall in Love with Certain Slots

The odds of you staying at a certain internet casino only improve more when you find games that you truly like. But this is less likely to happen when you can’t play free slots.

Online casinos realize this, which is why they open their gaming selection to all visitors.

Players can try dozens or even hundreds of slots to find the ones that they truly enjoy.

3. You’re More Likely to Make a Deposit

The ultimate motivation behind casinos offering free slots is to eventually encourage a deposit.

Gaming sites don’t make anything unless you’re actually betting. This is why they do everything possible to make you feel comfortable with putting money on their sites.

Free games fit into this ideology by keeping you at the casino longer. Your comfort level with the site will grow as you continue spinning the free reels and becoming curious about real money play.

There’s no rule that you have to deposit. However, it’s always fun to make a few spins with cash on the line!