Why Nobody can “Steal” Your Slots Jackpot

steal-slots-jackpotOne common belief among the general slots-playing population is that another player can steal your jackpot. The word “steal” here simply refers to you leaving the machine that you’ve been playing all day, only to see another player sit down and win the jackpot immediately.

It makes sense to believe that this would have been your jackpot if you’d continued playing. However, is anybody really stealing your jackpot in this case? The answer is no, and we’ll explain why below.

Slots Results are determined within Milliseconds

As you may know, all slots results are determined by a random number generator (RNG). The name says it all in that slots spins are totally random; but just how random?

steal-slots-jackpot-1The RNG cycles through billions of number combinations within seconds before determining a result. So this means that it’s virtually impossible for you and another player to get the exact same result on the same slot machine. Going further, if you get up from a machine and somebody else wins the jackpot, odds are that you wouldn’t have pushed the spin button at the same millisecond that they did.

Everything in Slots is Random, All the Time

As you can see, there’s no advantage to chaining yourself to the same slot machine for a lengthy session. Assuming you had identical machines next to each other, you would have the same chance of winning the jackpot if you moved back and forth between them as you would by sticking with the same game.

So next time you have to go to the bathroom or are in the mood to try a different game, don’t let the theory of somebody stealing your jackpot stop you.