More Skill-Based Slot Machines Hit Vegas Casinos

Skill-based slot machines haven’t had the best start in Las Vegas casinos. But that won’t stop Sin City from trying again and again.

Gamblit Gaming, a noted skill-based gamemaker, introduced several new games at Planet Hollywood. Let’s discuss these new games along with what you can expect from them.

Planet Hollywood Has 6 Different Skill-Based Slot Machines

Here are the new skill games found on Planet Hollywood’s gaming floor:

  • Into the Dead – Zombie shooter game that was originally a hit on smartphones.
  • Catapult King – Another smartphone hit where players use a catapult to knock over castles.
  • Lucky Words – Form words as quickly as possible.
  • Match 3volution – Create creatures for points.
  • Smoothie Blast – Swipe fruit to make smoothies.
  • Slice of Cake – Cut ingredients and make a cake.

These slot machines will run on the TriStation cabinet. Gamblit is also in the process of working on the Model G cabinet, which is good for swiping-style games.

How do These Skill-Based Games Work?

The Las Vegas Sun reports that the minimum and max bets will differ for these games based on the casino.

The minimum bet can range anywhere from $0.50 to $2 for TriStation games like Into the Dead. The maximum bet is often $10 at most casinos.

The highest-available win will also vary from casino because it’s based on players’ skill. Into the Dead, for example, offers a max win worth 8-1 on a player’s bet.

How is Skill-Based Gaming Performing?

There’s been concern that skill-based slot machines aren’t doing as well as hoped. But Gamblit chief of marketing Darion Lowenstein makes a good point on the subject.

“If they weren’t making money, they wouldn’t give us the floor space,” said Lowenstein.

The company will get yet another chance in Planet Hollywood to see how their games perform. Odds are that skill-based slot machines will eventually take off.