Mobile Slots vs. Casino Slots

mobile-slotsThere couldn’t be two different ways to play slots than mobile and casino slots. After all, mobile slots are played through smartphones and tablets while land-based casinos are known for their big, bulky slot machines. This being said, there are some obvious differences between the two ways to play, which we’ll discuss below.

1. Mobile Slots have Better Payback

On average, you’ll have a better chance to win with mobile slots. There’s no uniform comparison here, but you can normally expect mobile slots to pay back around 95% and land-based machines to pay around 88%-92% (varies by region). So why the payback discrepancy? Brick-and-mortar casinos have a lot more overhead costs to worry about, including staff, machines, amenities, electric bills and more. So they can’t pay the exact same as mobile casinos and still make a reasonable profit.

2. Land-based Slot Machines offer Bigger Screens

slots-strategiesThe one big advantage to playing slots in brick-and-mortar casinos is that you have access to much-bigger screens. This is definitely appealing to those who have eyesight problems and/or don’t want their face to be 6 inches from the screen when playing. Tablets aren’t too bad on screen sizes, but smartphones make your gaming experience a bit more difficult.

3. Mobile Slots are by Far More Convenient

This goes without saying, but it’s still worth mentioning…mobile gaming is WAY more convenient than land-based slots. Many wireless players enjoy the fact that they can play smartphone slots for 5-10 minutes, then stuff their phone in their pocket and leave. In contrast, when you visit a land-based casino, you’re likely going to be there much longer, plus you have to drive/fly there as well.

4. Land-based Slots have More Atmosphere

There’s a reason why brick-and-mortar casinos stay in business – they offer an atmosphere that you just can’t get through your phone. Many slots players enjoy being served free drinks and other perks while on the machines. And this is why they continue traveling to these establishments again and again.