Do Millennials Hate Slots?

Millennials have been blamed for destroying everything from the diamond industry to mayonnaise. Slot machines are also included in this group, because it’s believed that millennials hate slots.

Those in the 21-37 age range are definitely playing slot machines less than previous generations. But do they really despise these games?

I’m going to look at statistics on the matter and offer an explanation on why young adults aren’t playing slots.

Less than Half of Millennials Play Slots

The media often portrays the situation as millennials don’t play slots at all. Instead, a bunch of grey-haired retirees fill slot machines on a daily basis.

The media is right in that young adults don’t enjoy these games as much as Baby Boomers or Generation X. But the numbers aren’t as bleak as they’re made out to be.

Research shows that 44% of millennial gamblers play slot machines. Meanwhile, 72% of other generations spin the reels when they visit the casino.

You can see that there’s a 28% difference in how many older generations play versus millennials. Therefore, one could make the argument that millennials hate slots.

But on the other hand, nearly half of young adults are playing slot machines when they go to casinos. So they’re not completely avoiding these games.

Millennials Don’t Hate Slot Machines – They Just Want More Interactivity

Young adults have grown up with some of the most-advanced video gaming technology known to man. They’re not as fascinated with spinning reels and hoping for random wins.

The gaming industry is trying to appease younger players with skill-based slot machines. These games throw in skill-based bonus rounds, which adds more interactivity.

Whether skill-based slots are the key to getting more than 44% of millennials playing remains to be seen. However, these games are at least a good experiment to test what young adults want from gaming.