What Are Mega Spins in Slots?

One term that I’ve seen in the online slots world is Mega Spins. This term isn’t common in gaming, which led me to wonder what exactly Mega slots spins are.

After checking into the matter, I was able to answer my own question. But I’d like to explain the subject if you’re in the same position as me.

That said, you can find out more about Mega Spins as I discuss them right here.

High Value Spins

Certain online casinos offer Mega Spins as part of bonus deals. For example, you might receive a deposit bonus plus 20 Mega Spins.

Simply put, a Mega Spin is a high-valued slots spin. The ones that I’ve seen are worth $1 apiece.

The significance here is that bonus spins aren’t usually worth this much. Instead, they’re valued at between $0.01 and $0.10.

Not many people complain about getting free spins. However, we’d all like to get free chances that are valued at $1 instead.

The idea behind these high-value spins is that you have a better chance at racking up big winnings. Even if you only win 5x your prize with a Mega Spin, you’re still collecting $5 for that one turn.

The Downside to Mega Spins

Mega slots spins might seem to be all upside. However, they do present one problem.

The drawback to Mega Spins is that they force you to meet higher rollover before withdrawing a bonus.

Let’s say that you get 100 free spins valued at $0.01 apiece. You may only be receiving $1 in total free games, but you also have a better chance of meeting rollover on your (likely) small winnings.

$1 spins, in contrast, will probably bring you larger winnings. Therefore, you’ll have to roll over the winnings more before cashing them out.

But we can agree that dealing with more winnings, rather than less, is a good problem to have. That said, Mega Spins are definitely worthy bonuses.