Why Max Slots Bets went out of Style

frogged-slotsCommon slots strategy used to suggest that you bet the max coin size on every spin. After all, most slots from decades past offered you higher payback when you made max bets. These days you can still change the coin size to bet large amounts ranging from $1 – $20 per spin. But chances are high that you’re not going to bet the max coin size, and here are 3 reasons why.

1. Max Bets don’t Give You Any Benefit

As mentioned above, the primary reason for making max slots bets was that you were in line for higher payback. But video slots came along and erased this trend. If you bet max payback today, you won’t suddenly cause an uptick in payback. In fact, you’re only speeding up your theoretical losses by betting this much.

2. Modern Slots Emphasize More Paylines

4-sesaons-slotsAt some point, casinos/slots manufacturers realized that slots players were tired of burning through their bankroll in 20 or 30 minutes. They also realized that people gain a bigger high from small, frequent wins – even if they lose money overall. So casinos began pushing games that require you to use all the paylines, or at least offer incentive to do so. It’s not uncommon to play games today that require you to use 20-50 paylines per spin ($0.20 – $0.50 bet minimum).

3. Players Want More Entertainment

Even when you have to play at least 20 paylines per spin, this is cheaper than wagering the maximum coin size. Going further, it stretches out the amount of entertainment that people get when they play slots. This goes back to the point about how players don’t like quickly losing their money. So it only makes sense that casinos and manufacturers have taken the emphasis off making max coin size bets.

That said, next time you play slots, you can take comfort in know that you don’t have to wager the highest coin size.