Man wins $1m Slots Jackpot by not going fishing

dustin-b-slots-jackpot-delta-downsA Texas man recently won a $1 million slots jackpot at the Delta Downs Racetrack Casino & Hotel in Louisiana, and he has his wife to thank for the windfall.

Dustin B. was set to go fishing, but his wife convinced him to go with her, her cousin and mother to the nearby Delta Downs Casino, just across the state line.

Dustin’s first casino trip went just like most slots players’ experiences as his bankroll slowly dwindled down throughout the night. According to KFDM News, he was down to “only one more spin,” and this final spin is when the jackpot occurred.

“When I won, I just sat there and stared,” Dustin said. “The guy next to me kept looking at the machine and then at me. He finally said, ‘Do you know what you just won? A few seconds later there were people in Delta Downs’ shirts surrounding me, and I thought, ‘Holy what did I do!?'”

delta-downs-slots-jackpotThe Jasper County, Texas man works long hours at his day job, which sometimes starts at 4:30am. And even with his recent good fortune, Dustin plans to continue working the same job. But the recent millionaire – $1,086,953 (before taxes) to be exact – now has enough money to pay off all his bills.

Aside from ridding his family of debt, Dustin B. also plans to “make sure my kids and family have a comfortable life.”

Steve Kuypers, vice president and general manager at Delta Downs, was happy to have a major winner at his casino.

“We are thrilled that this million dollar jackpot was won right here at Delta Downs,” said Kuypers. “Delta Downs has some of the best payouts in Louisiana, and this is another prime example of a huge win for one of our guests.”