Macau opens First VIP Slots Room

macau-vip-slotsMacau has long been known as a major destination for VIP gamblers. But up until now, most of the VIP sector has been limited to baccarat. That said, it’s definitely of note that Macau now has their first VIP slots room.

According to Union Gaming Research, Jimei Casino, which now houses the VIP slots area, undertook this venture to try something different in a downward-spiraling market.

“We believe the opening of this slot parlor could be indicative of a segment of the industry that is very much in need of revenue and willing to try an idea that in a different era would likely not have even been considered,” Union writes.

The slots room, which was funded by junket investors (third-party VIP recruiters), will contain 130 machines. The junket operators plan to extend credit to qualified players, offer cashback and give rebates on losses.

Union Gaming warns that, despite all these services, it could be difficult to keep high rollers happy, especially in a less-glamorous casino like Jimei.

jimei-casino-slots“We would caution that slot players are exceptionally fickle and VIP slot players probably even more so. They are very high maintenance from a customer service perspective and are very particular about what games they want to play, denominations, etc.,” explains Union.

Despite the challenges ahead, it’s nice to see junket operators and Jimei Casino try a new venture in Macau. After all, the world’s largest gambling destination has fallen on tough times recently, with gaming revenue having dropped 19 straight months. Overall, Macau experienced a 33% drop in revenue in 2015 and they’ve struggled to turn things around.

Perhaps moving some of the VIP play away from baccarat and into other areas could be a good way to attract more high rollers to the Asian gaming capital.