Irish Chef Wins Slots Jackpot Worth €4.86m

Many slot machine players dream of winning big. Sean Doyle is now living this dream after hitting an online slots jackpot worth €4.86 million.

Doyle, who’s from Newcastle Co Down, was recently playing Mars Attack at the time of his windfall. He placed a €10 bet at one point and hit the Jackpot King Delux.

You can see more on Doyle’s story below, including what he plans on doing with the money.

Irish Chef Wins Slots Jackpot – But Still Shows Up to Work

Many people would immediately think of quitting their job after winning such a huge slots prize. But Doyle was still ready to do some cooking the following day.

According to the Irish Times, he showed up for his shift at The Artisan Cookhouse in Strangford, Co Down. He was sorely needed to help feed the extra Valentine’s Day customers.

Doyle Can’t Believe His Good Fortunes

After hitting the jackpot, the chef turned off his phone in utter disbelief as the amount added up. He didn’t turn his phone back on until he arrived home from work.

“When I got home I couldn’t believe my eyes after I saw the final amount!” said Doyle.

He plans to be quite generous with his winnings. Doyle is going to share the money with his relatives, including his three brothers, his sister, and her children.

How Likely Is Doyle’s Slots Jackpot?

One of the most-exciting things about playing online slots is that you can win a jackpot on any spin. Of course, winning becomes harder as the jackpot size increases.

Doyle collected a €4.86 million prize, which is a life-changing fortune. The odds of winning such a big payout are very low.

Nevertheless, you can see that this sort of thing does happen. After all, Doyle was just a simple chef before netting this huge payout.

He now has the type of money to do virtual anything he wants and help out his family.