How Will Casino Esports Tournaments Affect Slots?

road-redemption-slotLand-based casinos have been doing things differently these days because casino games don’t attract as many young players. And Gamblit Gaming thinks that they have a solution: esports tournaments.

Esports have gained lots of popularity among young people, who enjoy using their skill to win tournament prize money. Gamblit thinks that if they can bring some of this same excitement to casinos, then gambling will benefit as a whole.

The company is calling this effort G-Sports, and they’ll display their games on the TriStation – a 3-seat station with screens and controllers for each player. The TriStation will give players the opportunity to sit with their friends and compete against each other in tournaments.

Road Redemption, which has a theme like Mad Max and sees players fight/race each other on motorcycles, will be the first game to hit casino TriStations.

esports-station“Our mission is to bring arcades back to life and bring a new style of game to the casino floor,” Gamblit’s Darion Lowenstein told VentureBeat.

This all sounds like a really unique experience for casino visitors, but it’s a wonder how this will affect slot machines.

Slots still dominate the game selection in both land-based and online casinos. But there’s constant talk about how slot machines don’t connect with millennials, who favor other casino resort-based activities like drinking, eating, and seeing shows.

Esports tournaments would definitely be a draw as far as bringing millennials into casinos. But would it also convince them to try slots?

Considering that millennials aren’t playing slots as much as previous generations already, anything that gets them near these games will be worth it.

Of course, the new skill-based slot machines that are being developed will make these games even more enticing to younger players.

There are plenty of exciting innovations happening in the gaming world. And it’ll be fun to see how they affect the future of slots.