How to Win Slots Tournaments

winning-slots-tournamentIf you’ve played in slots tournaments before, then you know that there’s a tremendous amount of luck involved in them. But many players want to know if there’s more than just luck to these tournaments. Specifically, what can you do to improve your chances of winning slots tourneys?

Let’s answer this question by discussing a couple of main tips that you can follow to win more often.

Speed Is the Key in Slots Tournaments

The typical slots format sees you pay an entry fee, get a certain amount of credits, and play until a specific time limit runs out.

winning-a-slots-tournamentHere’s an example: you pay $5 for a slots tournament, you receive 1,000 credits, and the round lasts 20 minutes. Each spin costs 4 credits, and the top finishers are the ones who accumulate the most credits at the end of the round.

If you have any credits at the end of play, they cannot be used. So it’s imperative that you play as quickly as possible in slots tournaments and use up all of your credits to maximize your winnings.

In these types of tourneys, it pays to have no distractions and click the spin button as fast as possible.

Watch Your Bankroll

Given that there’s no skill in slots tourneys beyond clicking the button fast, the one other thing that you want to do is mind your bankroll.

If you want to keep playing tournaments, it’s wise to have enough buy-ins to last the cold spells.

If you’re looking for a recommendation, having at least 20 buy-ins for the level you play is a good idea. For example, a $100 bankroll would give you 20 buy-ins if you play $5 tournaments.

Once again, speed and bankroll management are the keys to slots tournaments. Master these two skills and you should have a good time playing tourneys.