How to Spot Volatile Slots

volatile-slots-1One of the most-important things for slots players today is getting lots of entertainment out of their bankroll. No longer are the majority of players satisfied with putting $100 into a machine and watching it disappear within 10 minutes. The trick to avoiding this problem is not playing slots that are volatile (i.e. offer less frequent, big payouts). But how do you spot these games? Find out as we cover a few ways that you can spot volatile slots and avoid them.

1. Slots that Have Big Jackpots

It’s always thrilling playing for a huge progressive jackpot that could pay you six or seven figures. But the downside is that somebody has to pay for the large amount that casino operators use to seed the jackpot. Some jackpots are seeded with as much as $500,000 or $1 million, meaning these games are going to be quite volatile. You’ll win more frequently if you pick slots with jackpots worth $20,000 or lower.

2. Slots with Big Multipliers

volatile-slotsOne standard in many slots these days is multipliers, which multiply your payouts by a certain amount. For example, if you get a multiplier symbol 5 times on the reels, it could increase any potential win by 100x. In any case, the bigger the multipliers that a game offers, the less likely it is that you’ll win on a frequent basis.

3. Slots with Large “Small” Payouts

All slots have a range of payouts, starting from ones that are only worth a few credits to others that are worth thousands or more. In any case, games where the lowest payout is worth 5 coins or more won’t pay out as often as a slot with small payouts ranging from 1-3 coins.

4. Slots with 2 or More Bonus Rounds

My personal favorite in slots is second-screen bonus rounds, which take you off the reels to play a fun mini game for bonus credits. But while this is fun, volatility increases when a slot features more than one second-screen bonus round. After all, there are only so many bonus payouts a game can give before the volatility starts rising and you don’t win as much.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with choosing slots that have the above features. But just remember that you’ll be waiting a lot longer to get paid in these cases.